Friday, December 26, 2008


i am so bored i have to keep posting bored. lol today i am going to the movies with the family but u kno. im really bored and i think im gonna go swimming pretty soon but im not sure.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


ok heres the thing. i dont have a good computer for my pics right now. the only one i have is a 94.. lol so yea srry bout there not being pics... :C ill get some i promise!

hahaha! posting fun!

well well well....lets see how much fun we can have...i wanna c who can comment me the fastest! read place chart below:

1st: get a delightful graphic comment back

2nd: a congradulatory comment back

3rd: $5 next time u see me

4th: a hug next time u see me...

now i suppose most of you will try to wait until ur 3rd or fourth, thats the trick u HAVE to comment when u read this or it wont work...anything past fourth place just comment me and ill c wat i can do. have fun annd...u have to kno me to play! and u cant enter more then once! good luck!!!

**MeRRy cHrisTmAs**

havin a good christmas? i am:
i got
fathead of peyton manning
an mp3 player
a really comfy! comforter!
and a bunch of small stuff

awesome! and i am hangin with the granparents and family at the quality inn....again!!! havin fun!!! wooooooooo!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Saturday, December 13, 2008


Srry i havent been on in a while..kinda. busy. just recently i had a family thing at the quality inn with my yet my mom and aunt got in yet another fight. everything else went sweet...except for the fact that i missed out on a lions game!!!! thanks to my parents. but..i have logged on to see my aunts blog and can not come across it.

this christmas i am expecting my grandparents to come see me. tim!