Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sebring Camp

I went to sebring camp and met alot of new ppl. And yes, something big happened. God told me a bunch of different things and touched alot of ppl around me. Specificly, this one guy. He was my age and was...not a christian. like not at all. And one night at the campfire, he got saved. and it was amazing how it happened.
I have a twin!!! Her name is Angela. She has my personality and everyone says i look like her. but i dont. i had alot of fun. and i put as much picture on as i could.


Friday, July 4, 2008


These are quotes COPYRIGHTED! I just don't know how to make that little circle thing. (c) sorta?
"If anything and everything meant everything to you,
how much love would that b?
If no one and nothing meant nothing to you,
how much love would that b?"
--That one is very deep and if you dont get it, im srry. you really have to think.