Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here are just some jokes I've heard or looked up...

A woman and HER husband sit at the dinner table slowly eating. Finally SHE breaks the silence.
"So how was YOUR day?"
HE replys "Good what about YOU?"
"Good. It was hectic though."
"MINE too."
"YOU'RE so selfish!"
"Why am III selfish?"
"Because. WE are sitting here trying to eat a meal, and all YOU can do is capitalize YOUR letters reffering to YOU!Look at how YOU type!"
"Well why are WE typing Oh! Maybe because YOU just have to be on the internet 24/7 so III cant tlk to YOU. If WE didnt have to type to tlk at dinner, III wouldnt seem so selfish."
mom_slash_wife45 has logged out.
"Ahhhhh....the internet is so peacful!"
golfer_pro34 has logged out.
"Wow that was sweet!"
"No doubt!"
"I'm going to watch more."
middle_child_rules_again has logged out.
"Me 2!"
mamas_boy12 has logged out.

dont ask i dont think that joke is funny either. cuz its not a joke!!! but everyone i type it to they love it. so if you dont like it...rock on and amen!


Sorry. It took me a long time to get back on my blog and my Cedar Point pictures aren't that great.

But I just recently went to Hemans camp and my reunion. I am also going to Sebring camp, Yearly meeting, and Cedar Point (again) with my youth group the 13th. So here are some camp pictures....

My Animals

I have 4 animals. Even though my dog Willow isn't technically my dog, she is in my book. She is the little black cutie. Then I have 3 meet pigs. Bacon, Sausage, and Ham. They are cute. Bacon, Ham, and Sausage are really big now!! I'll try to get more recent pics.

The.pigs.have.been fun. recently, suto.rabies.has.been found in Michigan so we've had to take percausions with our pigs, (idc if i spelled that wrong) but i really like it and i hope i can do it next year.


Anything random

Ok I went to Sebring camp as you know...and I have this twin. I love her to death! She is so fun! She's just like me! It's amazing! Well you can see her on my myspace, shes my nuumber one friend!!!!! ( but u have to b my friend to c my complete profile.. for the randomness.....I'm hot!!! Sticky SWEET! from my head to my FEET!!

how random was that??comment me anywhere from one to ten!
ex. "nice! 8"
" 1"