Thursday, December 25, 2008

hahaha! posting fun!

well well well....lets see how much fun we can have...i wanna c who can comment me the fastest! read place chart below:

1st: get a delightful graphic comment back

2nd: a congradulatory comment back

3rd: $5 next time u see me

4th: a hug next time u see me...

now i suppose most of you will try to wait until ur 3rd or fourth, thats the trick u HAVE to comment when u read this or it wont work...anything past fourth place just comment me and ill c wat i can do. have fun annd...u have to kno me to play! and u cant enter more then once! good luck!!!


carole said...

Hey!!! Do I get the money??? Love your blog. It was a fun time wasn't it??? Grams

carole said...

Good to hear you enjoyed your christmas! Did you enjoy the movie and BK? Love,

carole said...

Hey so wats going on so do i get the five dolla? well i gtg ttyl beth the coolest person u know

a Bergman said...

I am the fourth comment but the first three comments were made by the same person... I want the hug next time I see you though. Please? :) -Aunt Kari