Saturday, May 30, 2009

nother fun little thing to unbored u..

so srry bout the last comment game.. grams kinda cheated .. lol but aunt kari will get her hug and grams will get a graphic commetn.. lol but! this one is.. easier..
ok theres this little thing called txting.. i dont kno how many of u have it?? but anyway.. i do!! if u have alltel.. but im gonna bend the rules a lil..

if u txt me this exact message im about to type.. i will... do something.. lol its a suprise..

"lenny had a cat and he names it.. _ _ _ _ _ _ " (make a name that fits those slashes.

im not gonna put my number out there to the world..

so this is the tricky part.
if u already have my number on ur phone ur good! but if u dont.. u have to get it from so meone that does.. most ppl that tlk to me on this r family anyways..
soo have fun..
the first 3 ppl get a suprise!! lol wow i bet u guys hate doin these dumb games with me!! :))

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Jessie.. I did not cheat... 3 different people used my computer.. see you in 3 days if you come to pick up Elizabeth. Grams